It’s no secret that when one game hits a particular success, others try to mimic that success with their own replica. Sometimes these “replicas” or “knock-off” hit a mark with players to the point where these games stand on their own, however, in the gaming world, can one style of gameplay be stamped to only one specific title?. If you go on Steam and look up the latest MOBAs, you’ll find a collection of games that play quite similar yet with different and unique functionalities—looks and feel the same, but plays differently.

That cannot be said for the game revealed today, in the wake of the success of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, a Chinese knock-off app game that surfaced back in August got its first reveal gameplay—and to my utter shock looks if BlueHole Studios (PUBG) were to create an app version of their game. In the video shown below, we see the game carries many similarities to PUBG, down to its UI system, map, and landscape. Its main star is the Terminator of all character, popping up near the end of the video.

See for yourselves the gameplay down below—via a Reddit from form the PUBG subreddit

PUBG mobile game from China from PUBATTLEGROUNDS

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