Yesterday I read an article from Nick Statt over on The Verge and I couldn’t help but agree with it. Destiny has been one of my favorites since it released and it’s kind of amazing that a game that is so sparse on content held my attention for so long. Year one of Destiny was incredible, and if you stuck with the game through year one you would agree.

Even though the majority of Destiny for year one was a repetitive grind fest, it was fun especially with friends! Grinding for better armor and guns and then finally getting what you were hoping for was rewarding. Going through the raids, the crucible, and the Nightfall were rewarding. I can’t really put it into words how Year One Destiny was, but I finally came to my senses and realized it is far superior to Year Two.

The Taken King is great and it did an excellent job of redefining the storytelling, leveling, and reward system. But there’s just something that doesn’t feel the same about The Taken King, it feels too easy and not as rewarding, I no longer have to grind anymore. My logic may be backward but that was the fun part!

And now that Bungie has completely changed the way DLC will be handled I don’t think these timed events will be enough content to hold the players until something big will be released. And that goes on top of the announcement of Destiny 2 being delayed from its September 2016 release. With no communication from Bungie at the moment about what’s happening down the road for 2016, it’s probably a good idea to take a break from Destiny until some good news comes around or just to forget about it and move on.

The last time I probably played Destiny consistently was late October, and then all these other great games came out. When 2016 really gets going there will be even more great games coming so it will be even easier to push Destiny further away, especially with no content in the near future.

So for me the choice is easy, I’m not going to give up Destiny just yet but I will be taking a long break from it. There will be a lot of options to explore this year so I might not even have time if something good does come.


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