The world has been waiting and waiting for quite possibly the match of the 21st century, the world’s first “Giant Robot Duel”, and its happening sooner than you’d imagined. Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendar for Tuesday, October 17th at 7pm PT, because that’s the day Megabots (U.S.A.) and Suidobashi Heavy (Japan) fight for world domination—in the giant robot scene that is. The fight will be live-streamed through Twitch next week, click here to stay up-to-date at MegaBotsInc official channel.

According to the event, we know the match won’t be a live event, through a press release from MegaBots Inc, the company have informed the public that the duel will consist of “multiple rounds of fighting”, and in order to give both teams time to repair their bots, the rounds are to be spread out over several days. The duel is set to be held at an abandoned steel mill in Japan with no spectators except for the set of engineers of each side. Commentary will be provided by Mike Goldberg of the MMA and robotics expert Saura Naderi.

MegaBots engineer Gui Cavalcanti revealed some info on the match, explaining it’ll count on a knockout system with no score involved. Winner will be chosen from either knocking over or disabling their opponent—surrender is an option, but we know they’ll deck it out to the end. Cavalcanti also adds that the weapons were chosen “to not cut through metal, but instead to damage it.”

To summarize, MegaBots’ Eagle Prime and Suidobashis’ Kuratas are both lengthy in size, at 16′ and 13′ feet tall respectfully, yet both their weakness lies in their mobility which is pretty slow. Honestly, save the antics and doubts, this is one match that’s worth watching, and quite possibly the beginning of a new sport, so in some cases its history in the making.

Eagle Prime


Here’s a video of “Kuratas” in an expo in Japan

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