A Christian-based game studio Revelation Games announced Rise of the King. See what awaits in this new action-adventure survival game with its grand medieval fantasy setting that puts focus a story-driven gameplay experience. Placed in a harsh winter climate all while exploring the northern region of Arnithon to uncover the disappearance of a missing boy. In the meantime, you’ll need to build camp, craft supplies, and hunt for food to keep alive.

The developers have really crafted out a unique blend of survival and investigation mechanics, it’ll be up to one’s intuition to figure clues, track suspects, and speak with the locals to further uncover the disappearance. You’ll also be without any mini-map or quest log, it’ll just be you and your own personal journal to solve its mystery.

Here’s an overview of the game from Revelation Games along with many of the game’s confirmed features.

Revelation Games is a Small indie Christian-based game development studio founded upon the desire to create experiences that are more than just entertainment. The aim is to create interactive entertainment that wants more than to merely keep people playing, but to give redeeming, fun and thoughtful experiences. Rather than attempt to focus on perks, upgrades, levels and gear, gameplay and story are the focus of development.


  • Survive in a frozen dangerous world along your journey as you search for food, drink, and supplies for shelter while avoiding deadly wildlife and hostile factions.
  • Investigate – Examine for clues, read and interact with objects, interview people and solve various types of challenges to advance the story.
  • Unique combination of survival, combat and Investigation mechanics to produce a much more dynamic and immersive gameplay experience within the world.
  • Combat – Know when to strike, dodge and counter while managing your stamina. There are no health potions, powerups or special abilities here to help you.
  • Story – Get immersed in a compelling interactive story filled with lore, religion, and characters to interact with.
  • Hunt – Experience the thrill of the hunt as you track and hunt the wide array of animal wildlife to stay alive.
  • Build – Construct campsites to stay warm from the cold.  Craft Bandages, torches, arrows, traps and various other supplies along the way to help keep you alive.

See its announcement trailer down below along with newly added images:

Rise of the King is currently in development, Revelation Games are launching the game on PC and looking for a late 2018 release if funded possibly sooner. To learn more about the game, head on over to the game’s Kickstarter page or head on over the game’s official site.

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