My Gosh Does It Look Pretty.

Epic Games finally introduced what the next Paragon map will be, and boy does it look epic. Get to know Monolith, Epic Games are enthusiastic for fans of its MOBA to finally let free in its upcoming new map. They’ve also let us in on what’s being carefully overlooked, from the maps scale, restrictions, and balance.


Epic Games’ recap many of the developer’s ongoing efforts these past few months in building this new map. This is what they’ve stated has been a priority one—well four:

  1. The new map being too big: A first version of the map had been too large and needed serious trimming
  2. Travel Mode Bad For Combat: Epic Games are working hard in balancing TM to fulfill a much better satisfaction.
  3. Lack of Commitment: A much coherent way in handing out consequences, and degenerating roving death squads.
  4. Match Lenth: Epic Days since day one are non-stop at work escalating the experience a player should have in each match. More elusive, more predictable, yet even more challenging.

Map & Scale

Epic Games seemed to have gotten a bit carried away when building Monolith. It originally overscaled to much bigger proportion, one in which the developers had to double down its size. As seen in the image above, the new map was reduced at a 30% decrease, this would allow for a more balanced and stable match. Epic Games hopes this would bring more close-counter confrontations along with faster movement throughout its map.

Another undertake the developers took in building this new map was making unique and not similar to Agora. Many may have noticed, but this new map isn’t symmetrical, with diverse lanes and uncommon routes, simply to make its play-style more dynamic. With hopes of bringing in big plays, skilled saves, and epic conflict and drama.

Epic Games listed a few hints in the map’s new design lanes. (Work in progress)

  1. The Safe Lane – What it means, why it’s there, and how it’s used. Also, what’ s a support for anyhow?
  2. The Mid Lane – What does it mean to be a lonely Mid? How can I make plays? “How did Gideon become a Pirate?” Is not a question that will be answered.
  3. The Offlane – The Safe Lane’s dark mirror. What compelled you to pick this place? How do I get money? What’s this bonus creep about?
  4. Welcome to the Jungle – What’s happening to Harvesters? What’s a Raptor? Why is this the only one with a pun?
  5. Systems Overhaul – Move speed, math, ranges, and more!
  6. Art and Visual Design – Why we put that tree there and that rock here.

Paragon’s Monolith isn’t yet scheduled for a release date, yet here’s hoping we get a late December release.

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