Roblox Could Be Coming To A Screen Near You

With the popular multi platform game Roblox being hinted at for PS4 release recently by popular dev and game admin jackintheblox, this player developed title could hit new levels of popularity. Although founded by the Roblox Corporation way back in 2004 as “Dynablocks” it has evolved into one of the most diverse games of the decade. Players have the ability to code and create there own games within the game. This has proved to be a winning formula, especially with younger people.

Endless Variety

Developers, known as “Builders” create mini-games of their choosing. These can vary from Five Nights at Freddys, Marvel Heroes, Pokemon and many, many more. The list of games to choose from is nearly limitless. Plenty share a similar theme of simple block collecting and base building, known as “Tycoon” but other popular themes include Murder Mystery, Shooters and Survival games. It is this variety that has seen its following soar in recent years, with numbers of registered users into the millions.


Young Gamers Can’t Get Enough

It is the younger generation who it seems to have struck a chord with. A survey of the Roblox community has shown that half of players under 10 years of age, play 10 or more Roblox games each time they log on!

Already on (nearly) all Devices, Roblox PS4 Next?

It is already available on the Xbox One, PC, FireOS, MacOS, iOS and Android devices. It is also free to download! If you want to create your own games though, that costs real money, known as Robux. The possibility of a Playstation4 release would give Roblox Corporation the full set of users, and thus, developers.

Cross Platform the way Forward?

It can also currently be enjoyed cross-platform between mobile and PC users. The increased trend, and pressure from gamers, for more titles to become cross-platform would play right into the hands of this unstoppable beast with a thousand heads. (Or mini-games)

Roblox PS4 Release Would Make It Unstoppable
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