Um, Butt Rockets? Yes please. Shooting unlimited rockets while riding around on a butt rocket seat? Double yes. Codeglue’s very own Rocket Riot is a complete package; fantastic yet simple game play, a few humorous moments in the story that have actually made me laugh, and for how much content you get for spending $9.99, I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys the ‘Bullet Hell’ genre. With a level library boasting over 200 stages, I would definitely say this game is worth your time.


The game play is one of the greater examples of beauty in simplicity. The main campaign mission? Find and put the escaped Captain Blockbeard back behind bars before he can take anyone else’s legs away, forcing them to use butt rockets. While the concept may seem simple, it’s backed heavily by the quick, addictive game play. Simply being able to roam around a whole level is freedom by itself. The game consists of varied level types, including kill-them-alls, survive the timer, destroy specific targets, and finally, go across a rocket filled battleground, fight your way through thick and thin to complete the ultimate objective, put a football in a goal. This variety of level design is quite handy as if you’re someone such as myself that gets bored by repetitive game play, then this game can solve it, the level types tend to not have a certain pattern, and in doing so may keep you on your toes in terms of what’s in store for you, and how you should react accordingly. The main character (which can be picked from a roster of over 300) zooms around on his rocket rumpus in a square or rectangular arena and essentially blows up every building, structure, and enemy he or she comes across. The controls consist of mainly 3 simple items, all of which are done so often in PC gaming it’s practically child’s play; WASD to move, aim with mouse, click in to charge and fire. One of the simplest things on Earth, and it creates a fast paced game that doesn’t let up when there’s a constant seven or eight enemies coming at you in all directions all firing rockets at you. Have you ever been able to fire a missile triple the size of you and level a whole city block? Freaky stuff man.


Clearly a lot of love and time went into this port, as I encountered no issues during my play time, and I was enjoying every moment of it. There are two things a game needs to have to be immediately loved by me: pixelated art styles, and a fantastic soundtrack, and this game nails it so well, I could listen to the soundtrack for days on end. It’s funny too because the main song I heard was about a banana, but the catchy upbeat tones of the music compliments the pixelated art style and fun game play very well.  It almost evokes a kind of ‘pumped up’ feeling. Overall I would say that this game is an entertaining premise, and well worth $10, especially if you want to kill some time and destroy everything in a level over and over again. (P.S. Devs, hit me up for a butt rocket prosthetic.)

Rocket Riot: An Uber-Charged Adventure with Flaming Butts.
4.1Overall Score
Overall Fun
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