Rory McIlroy delivers with a great multiplayer experience, but flops hard on game content, and career mode…

This new insert in the PGA Tour series, updates the graphics to next-gen, and replaces the longtime cover holder Tiger Woods… not only on the games cover. But Tiger Woods is missing from the game completely! However it might be a good thing, as Tiger has not been himself the past few years…

Enter Rory McIlroy, golf’s new face for now… seeing as Jordan Spieth is hot on his heels, as the two have been competing for golf’s top spot these past few months, the competition between these two golfers is intense, and that is exactly what this new golf game by EA Sports brings to the table is intense competition.

The game revolves around multiplayer gameplay. Whether you are playing Split-Screen, or online. The core of the game relies heavily on multiplayer. This is where you will have the most fun.

As the usual Career mode gameplay we know is missing. Instead it has been replaced with this dry gameplay, that has you feeling like you are watching paint dry. When playing career mode you no longer have the ability to play the full 18, instead you are thrown into a simulation and play a few holes from behind trying to battle your way back to the top. The simulation takes into account your players stats, and throws you into the contest how it thanks you had performed up to that point. You play a total of four rounds like this, and then when completed you gain XP which is also pretty useless, and you move onto the next event in your career.

Customization is a non factor, no face scans like the last game, no adjust the players facial features, you basically choose from a set of presets, and that’s that… Clothing and Club customization is there, but it relies on you to be certain levels which this is what you get the XP for. However you can unlock everything pretty fast because the leveling system is not to hard.

One mode that I found to enjoy more than anything is the Nightclub mode, it requires you to complete tasks, and events with boosts and power-ups. Think of it as a three-way mix between Angry Birds, Hot Shots golf, and Cyber Tiger. Nightclub mode is fun. You work on different tasks and when you complete the task it rates you on your performance. One to Three stars, and you move on to the next task. Tasks get harder, and you find yourself wanting to restart each time to try to get those three stars. To unlock golf characters like the Battlefield Solider, and others.

PGA Tour delivers a great experience. Although it doesn’t provide depth, and the career mode is dry. The overall gameplay is great, the courses are stunning, and the multiplayer experience is spot on. Customize your swing style, Engage yourself in the new Nightclub Mode, Or just simply play a round of golf with some buddies, split-screen, or online.

*There are rumors that there will not be yearly PGA Tour releases like the other sports games in EA’s development, so it has been said they will consistently update this game, with new characters, courses, and game modes for FREE. However this has not been confirmed at this time.

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Gameplay Review
Play With NO Load TimesOnline Play is EnjoyableNightclub Mode is way to FunUnrealistic Courses are a BLAST
Not much game contentFacial features are off. Players look like zombies most the time.Not many golfers and courses to choose from Career mode is dry. Not much to do
7.7Decent Buy
Misc Game Modes10
Game Content6
Online Play8
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