Steve Gabry, co-founder and Game Designer at Wither Studios, is working on a new Episodic Aventure game, Sally Face. Sally Face is a 2D game, where you are a boy with blue pigtails, a prosthetic face and a mysterious past. You must guide him through the different adventures of life.


Sally Face will feature many different Episodes/Chapters. The episodes will usually take under an hour to complete. These will release at different times, and will, hopefully, continue the story throughout each one. There is set to be 5 Episodes to release, but that may change.

At the moment, Sally Face only has Episode One out. Episode one features you, the boy with the odd features, moving into a new flat filled with odd tenants and an unfortunate crime scene. I can’t give anything away about the storyline, but I found the first Episode to be very fun, and I hope that the future Episodes build on the mystery created.


At the moment, Sally Face Episode One is free to download. However, once the game’s Indiegogo campaign ends, Sally Face will not be free to download. Rather than downloading it from an online link for free, the game’s distribution will change to Steam, where it will cost money. It is expected to be around $2. The other episodes that will release in the near future will also cost money.


Overall, I think you should go and give Sally Face a go. Many YouTubers, including CinnamonToastKen, have enjoyed the game a lot, and I think you will, too. If you do enjoy the game, go and give the developers some love. You can find their links below:

Game Page


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