I must admit, even though I’m extremely late to the party, I find myself enjoying Dark Souls once more. Quite some time ago I had purchased the Prepare to Die Edition on steam, and unfortunately due to poor porting issues as well as a laptop struggling to stay alive, needless to say the game was just barely playable. I was capping around 12-16 frames per second, and it was so bad the game kicked me out to the main menu stating that I cannot play the game in online mode if my performance was going to be as bad as it was. So that meant I was stuck playing the whole game in offline mode, and funnily enough when in offline my game performance sky rocketed to 20-24 frames per second. Go optimization.

Anyways, about two weeks ago at the time of publication I was perusing in my friendly neighborhood Gamestop when I decided to finally purchase it for the PS3, and I honestly haven’t regretted it. What I do regret is going online, meaning six years after release, people have managed to build god-tier builds requiring millions of souls, and there I was, a pitiful level fifteen wandering swordsman joining the Forest Hunters. My low levelness aside, I was genuinely surprised when I found out that the online community for this game was still very active for both PvP and Assistance.  I was being summoned to help Alvina and the Tree Huggers almost immediately when I was done invading someone else, I spent hours attempting to fight these gods among men and having an absolute blast in doing so. My most interesting experience actually is one that let me cheat the game a little. I was summoned to fight someone who had killed a comrade, and I couldn’t for the life of me find him at all and I was wandering the woods for almost twenty minutes until finally the prompt stating the Target had been vanquished popped up on me screen, so I  techincally won? That isn’t what surprised me, what surprised me was the payout in souls, immediately almost 860k+ souls went into my bank, and I was only level 15 at the time so this was an extremely early Christmas for me. I jumped all the way from level 15 to 82 in one sit down that took me maybe 25 minutes to do so. I’m falling in love with this game all over again.

Regardless of how broken that may have been, I do highly recommend picking back up the first Dark Souls once more if you’re just itching for an old PvP fix. I certainly did and I don’t regret it at all. Except when I was invaded by full Ornstein and Smough sets.

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