And When I say “Small” I mean a very short clip.

Since the announcement trailer for the upcoming Call of Duty WWII title, many have been quite critique and speculative on how the gameplay would match its recent reveal trailer. Well, it isn’t much, but today we got a short clip showing us a glimpse of COD WWII gameplay. The team recently released a behind-the-scenes video where the developers gave the audience an introduction to the game they’ve been building up, during the video we see some controller test action gameplay—possibly the game’s pre-alpha stage—although short it does give us a small insight at what’s to come. Check out the small clip (gif) down below via gyfcat user eggbok

All we can pin out during this 7-second clip is the player is under fire at two different locations somewhere in a European town—likely France or Germany. Some M1 Garand action in one scene and the other—no weapons expert here—looks to be a standard WW2 German weapon; the MP40. Also, some have pointed out that in the M1 Garand clip (first location) the player is seen using the dash movement. Let’s just hope things dont get carried away have something depicted in the image below: (Not a real photo)

Fan or not, the developers seem to be going for something new this time around—gameplay wise of course. Recently, there have been rumors circling around that the multiplayer component will have some sort of 48-player match—where players are task with defending or moving upwards in the beaches of Normandie. Both Sledgehammer and Activision have stated the game will be present at this year’s E3 event revealing more news for the upcoming game

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