Today, on a blog, PlayStation have announced that Sniper Elite 4 will be coming to the PlayStation 4 this year.

The blog post included the trailer for Sniper Elite 4. At the start of the trailer, the name of the place that this game is set, as well as the year that it is set is displayed on the screen. Sniper Elite 4 will be set during 1943 and will be in Italy. This tells us that the game will be based on World War Two, a very devastating moment in world history. They also said that they chose 1943 Italy as it is right at the end of the North African conflict that was in Sniper Elite 3. Also, the game will have a great storyline to uncover a conspiracy which could “end Allied hopes of retaking the continent for good…” The trailer then shows us a city, completely divided by war. With belongings all across the street, speakers blaring out propaganda, and army vehicles all over the street, if gives us a really good inside into what Sniper Elite 4 will be like. Jason Kingsley, Co-Founder of Rebellion, stated:

“We really wanted to mix picture-postcard imagery with the creeping dread of something more sinister because this is what makes the Italian conflict so interesting. There were lots of factions fighting for the future of the country, and these play an important part in both the narrative and the gameplay!”

Jason also stated that the levels will be much bigger than those of Sniper Elite 3, and the iconic Mediterranean rooftops, in the trailer, makes up only a small area of one of the earliest levels in the game. He also said that these levels all took hours on end to complete.

He ended the blog by saying:

“We hope that’s whet your appetite for more stealthy sniping action. Look out for more news soon!”

In conclusion, Sniper Elite 4 looks great and I will be sure to report on more exciting news about it.

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