The latest NPD report shows that Sony came out on top in two subjects, those being Hardware and the amount of Games Sold, in the month of May 2016 in the United States.

This means that, in the gaming side of things, they beat some other great titles such as Overwatch, by Blizzard, with their PlayStation 4 exclusive: Uncharted 4. However, don’t be mistaken, as this report only covers the physical copies sold, so this report isn’t exactly how many copies the game sold. Another reason why this is not very accurate in the grand skeem of things is that the majority of PC gamers buy their titles digitally, so it, more than likely, missed out on a huge chunk of sales there.

Sony have not yet commented on the subject, but Microsoft, Sony’s massive rival, have stated that the amount of hours played on the Xbox One were doubled compared to last May’s results. I, personally, think that Sony could also say the same thing, as they have also had many massive blockbuster titles released on their platform in the past year.

In conclusion, I’m looking forward to what Sony have to say at E3 on this subject, and whatever else they have to comment on.

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