South Park, The Fractured But Whole… *Snickers like a little kid* …has a new teaser trailer to get you hyped for the upcoming game. Since South Park’s been around for a good twenty years now, I shouldn’t need to warn you of the NSFW language contained in the video.

And hey, just for good measure here’s the E3 trailer as well.

South Park’s brand of humor, sometimes masterfully nuanced and other times based on farts, should prove to be an excellent addition to the PS4 and XBox libraries. Those of you who didn’t play the South Park Stick Of Truth game will also be happy to find that you can acquire it digitally for your platform with a digital preorder and some physical preorders. Details on the free SOT downloads can be found at Ubisoft Support, right -here-.

The FBW looks to take the lessons learned from its predecessor game and deliver a more polished product. The combat system will now incorporate a grid based movement system that allows for strategic placement of units. The goal of this is to set up combo attacks, shield yourself from potential damage, and use the terrain to your advantage. It remains to be seen just how in depth one can expect the strategy to be in a game where you can also use the unlimited power of your farts to control time and space, but it’s still a promising step that should make the game a bit more challenging.

The FBW is slated for a December 6th release, just in time for the holiday rush. Odds are you have a friend who loves South Park, so now you know what to get them this year! You don’t even need to credit us with the idea. We’ve got your back.

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