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Are you finding Fallout 4 too hard? Well, today I am going to show you how to get one of the most overpowered submachine guns in the game!
The gun is called “Spray ‘n’ Pray” and does around 192 Damage per second with a couple of easy perks to get. The Spray ‘n’ Pray does not just shoot normal bullets, its bullets explode on impact, which makes the damage so high and is what makes this gun amazing. Basically, this makes the game a bit too easy, in my opinion.

There are a few ways that you could find the spray and pray: 1:Killing Legendary enemies in hope that it drops it or 2:Buying it from a wandering merchant named Cricket. I will be giving you a full walk through on the easiest way to find Cricket and on how to max out the damage on the gun.

Step One

First of all, we need to find Cricket. The way that I did it, and the most easiest way, is to wait outside Vault 81 for her. There is a small shack nearby in which you can keep sleeping inside until she arrives. However, you can roam around places such as Bunker Hill in hope that she gets there. Once you have found her, it’s time to buy it. Spray ‘n’ Pray goes for around 1300 caps (depending on your perks), which is an absolute steal, in my opinion.

Step Two

Now it’s time to nearly max out the gun’s damage potential. To quickly achieve this, you must max out these perks:

Demolitions Expert
Bloody Mess

And there you have it! You can now stroll around the Wasteland without a worry as you now have one the most powerful guns in the game. Let me know your opinions on this gun by hitting us up on Twitter with @irrelevantgmer or posting it in the comments. Finally, be sure to stick around for more news, reviews, walk throughs and more.

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  • CJ

    Sorry to be a little late, but i got Fallout 4 on a Steam sale, so I’m playing it now and, yes, I can attest to the limb-lopping power of the Spray n’ Pray. It’s so powerful that I keep it in reserve and just use my “weaker” Legendary Mighty combat rifle or Legendary shotgun for most fights–yes, it even outclasses them. I’m level 58 and it’s still shredding enemies, especially with the Demolition perk. All you have to do is shoot the ground near an enemy or the ceiling if he’s hiding behind something indoors and he dies after a burst or burst and a half (maybe two for tough guys).

  • Harry


    Thanks for the response. I’m glad that someone knows how powerful this gun actually is.

    Please feel free to share with your friends. Thanks!