What that OTHER game should’ve been?

These past couple of days has brought us tons of new footage for the upcoming space simulator game; Star Citizen. Cloud Imperium Games gave a live presentation at Citizencon, showcasing the numerous aspects that’s making this game a must-get. Cloud also, dropped new short preview trailers, which highlights many of the game’s planets, ships and vast environments. Along with some hints on the story that’ll surround the game.

I could can go on and on about what this game has in stores, I rather you check them for yourselves. Trust me you wont be in any way disappointed or dissatisfied. Cloud Imperium’s live gameplay presentation are in 4 additional parts; check 2 of 4 below. (Courtesy of YouTuber: Giuseppe’s Gaming)

RSI Polaris Trailer shows us a juggernaut of a ship. Able to board countless people and equip for any fire-power against it. Trailer does seem very Starship Trooper-like, which isn’t a bad thing.

Last but most definitely not least, is a 30-minute look the game’s Procedural Planets. Not only are you getting a look at the sheer beauty of the game, but also the incredible job Cloud Imperium has put in making this game look the way it does. Given there are minor bugs throughout all these videos, however, that shouldn’t take away the sheer amount of work that went into this game. Check out the game’s latest gameplay video.

Star Citizen is currently in alpha beta, a release window still looks way ahead. My best bet is sometime in mid or possibly fall of 2017. For complete information on the upcoming game and support, check out their official web page at RobertSpaceIndustries.com. Also for the complete livestream that took place, click here for the complete show.

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