It’s no surprise that this upcoming December we’ll be getting new content for Battlefront II that centers around the upcoming new film Star Wars The Last Jedi. EA announced today the specific date in which players will get the chance to play as new era characters and earn particular rewards.

The new content launches December 13th—two days before the release of the film—players will need to make a choice to either side with the Resistance or the First Order, as each side will contain their own particular rewards. We also get two new characters; Finn and Captain Phasma, the faction with the most points that week will later get a high-powered upgrade crate for their respective hero.

The game will also introduce two new multiplayer locations which are Crait (Ground Battle) and D’gar (Starfighter Assault). The Resistance will get a new ship (featured in TLJ) The Tallie Lintra’s modified A-wing. There will also be new content for single-player that circles around the game’s main protagonist, Commander Iden Versio—a new story content perhaps? This upcoming DLC will be free the day it launches, labeled as TLJ Season. EA has promised in the past that post-launch content will be available free. New events circling around the season will include new events and rewards for the month of December.

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