Valve are debuting their new Digital Gift Cards option on Steam’s store main page, users will now be able to purchase Steam Gift Cards to friends digitally. Users will be given the option the send a pre-determined amount that varies from $5 to $100, which will then be transferred to another Steam user of your selection.

New restrictions and terms have been made noted by Valve when sending gift cards to others. The main guideline noted is that gits can only be sent to someone on your friends list, and must have been on your friends list for at least 3 days. Another guideline is that Gift Cards can be sent to users in other countries, however, the amount will be converted based on the transaction rate of where it’s being sent to.

This is something the Steam community has been asking for quite some time, and now with the Holiday Season approaching—Valve couldn’t have chosen a better time to introduced Digital Gift Cards. Making things accessible for users to easily send Gift Cards to friends and family. For a look on how the new feature will work, head on over to the Steam storefront.

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