Eugen Systems and Paradox Interactive announced today that Steel Division: Normandy 44 launches on May 23rd and will come with a Deluxe Edition. The team also released a brand new “briefing” trailer which covers all of the game’s in-game mechanics.

They also released the pre-order bonuses for the game, which are listed below:

  • Access to the game’s exclusive beta, allowing you to play the game in the weeks leading up to launch
  • Two historical Panzer aces you can deploy in battle:
    • Michael Wittman, one of the most feared commanders in the late war, famed for his ambush at Villiers-Bocage. (Tiger E)
    • Francis Gabreski, he was the top American and U.S. Army Air Forces fighter ace over Europe in World War II (USA, P-47D fight-bomber)

The standard price tag sits at $39.99, for those planning on purchasing the Deluxe Edition, that’s listed with the price tag of $59.99, see what comes included in the Deluxe Edition below:

  • A Digital Art Book offering a look at the art and creation behind the game
  • The Tactical Guide and Battle Log featuring tactics, terrain tips, and major maps of the game
  • Six Additional In-game Historical Aces to add cosmetic variety to your  divisions.
  • Deluxe Avatar and Icon for the Paradox Forums
  • Unique Ringtones and Text Message Alert Sounds for your mobile devices
  • Desktop Wallpapers from the Steel Division art team
  • Custom Streaming Overlays designed for content creators on Twitch and YouTube

Steel Division: Normandy 44 launches on May 23rd, exclusively for PC. For the latest in Gaming News & Articles check us out at our Official Twitter Page.

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