1C Company and Storm In A Teacup’s Lantern is finally available on Steam and other digital stores today.

Not Sure What’s Lantern? Here’s a backdrop:

Lantern is the type of game that isn’t asking for much of you brain, yet it asks you to unwind and follow its gameplay and story with ease and serenity. With an environment robbed of its beauty, it’s up to you to bring back the colorful scenery that once filled its world with majesty. Not only that, the game’s soundtrack also does it job in surrounding you with alluring and welcoming landscapes.

“Once upon a time, there was a very sad princess. She felt so unloved and unhappy that everything around her became grey and lifeless, and the entire land was deprived of color and joy. Our fable begins when a single, lonely lantern was lit in a faraway village…Be the wind and guide a beautiful sky lantern that spreads the powerful message of everlasting love, bringing life and color back to the world around you. Enjoy four beautiful East Asian-inspired worlds, each with a different theme, nature and architecture. Fly the magical red lantern as it spreads vibrant, happy colors throughout these sad, grey lands.”           — Storm in a Teacup 

The lantern not only has the will to change the color of the world but also holds various abilities, such as igniting other lamps, restoring animals to life, and make windmills function again. Throughout your entire venture, your main goal in the game is to reunify the kingdom in full color and joy, bringing back what was taken.

Take a glimpse of the game’s trailer down below:

Lantern is now available for PC, the game also has a downloadable public demo, which is also being released together with the full game. Playable on both regular and VR PC setups, along with the support of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. 

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