Proletariat’s creation: Streamline creates and defines everything that a Twitch streaming based game should be, fun, addicting, interactive on multiple levels, and above all it can become the definition of what it means to be a streamer. The premise is extremely simple, the game has a main mode with more promised to be on the way, the game is in early access,  and the main objective? Run around, collect points, avoid the hunter, and dear god; be amazing at parkour. The game’s engine runs extremely smooth, no terrible issues popped up except for a single teeny little problem with the parkour, the game automatically performs actions for you, for example running on walls, flipping and sliding under objects, but the small issue comes with corners and ledges, normally when you reach a ledge the game will automatically pull you up, and it still does, however it has a tendency to both pull you up and force your avatar into an automatic jump. This isn’t a groundbreaking bug, nor a complete deal breaker, the game is extremely fun, but whenever I encountered this small bug, it usually lead to the hunter of the group smacking me comically with a stop sign. Pretty funny stuff, right?

Throughout my time playing Streamline; I had a complete blast, the quick game play compliments the way the game is interwoven with viewer interaction.  Using a service called Streamote, viewers can have a hand in how a game is played by both betting on players in the game using coins, and adding in game changing effects, for example, the matches are broken into three rounds and the viewers can spend coins to put a rule in affect that makes every surface act like it has ice physics, or even better, slow down time for every player. During my time playing I joined a streamer playing the game, and not only was he pleasant, but the interaction between player and viewer was excellent, something that I personally had never seen before and is well deserving of a play or two. While the price may seem a little high for an early access game ($20), the price will go up once the game completely releases, so I would highly recommend you pick it up sometime.

Streamline website.

Twitch streamer I played with: Tummateo.

Streamline: A Complete Gem with a Minor Flaw.
4.0Overall Score
Overall Fun
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