On December 15th the world of Mario is coming to mobile devices. Super Mario Run launches on iPhone and iPad, and the latest piece of marketing for what will surely be a huge smash hit has arrived on YouTube.

The live action trailer takes us to locations around the world, and finishes with the little Italian plumber reaching one of his trademark flag posts at the end of a level. It helps build excitement for the titles release. Also accompanying the trailer on the official Nintendo channel is a gameplay explanation video, giving us a great glimpse of the challenging platform action we can expect.

The controls for Super Mario Run seem simple enough,¬†tapping to jump over obstacles and between walls. He runs automatically, which is sure to cause severe frustration at times. There are a few new moves to get the hang of; he can grab on to walls that he just didn’t quiet reach, there are pause blocks to halt your relentless running allowing timing to be used, and Mario even vaults over small obstacles (including Goombas) without any player input.

After the success of the AR sensation that was Pokemon GO, Nintendo are looking to make 2016 the year that they well and truly conquer the mobile app market. If Super Mario Run can match or even surpass the achievement of Pokemon GO, then they will have absolutely succeeded.

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