Time Stop Interactive announced their upcoming new action adventure game; Lost God. This new game focuses on a non-linear gameplay while fusing elements from the Metroidvania genre. The entire purpose of the game is to guide the player to the goal while allowing the player the option to explore secrets within the game’s world and solve various puzzles scattered throughout the land. The team also released a new trailer and screenshots (down below)

Its combat gameplay focuses on evading enemy attacks and exploiting their weaknesses in their defense. You’ll be granted with various weapons, equipment, and tools to assist you in defeating your opponents.

Time Stop Interactive stated the following on behalf of their upcoming title:

“The game takes place in the forest of god, an ancient place where exiles and criminals are sent to atone for their sins, hunted down by a terrible monster to appease the wrath of god. You were one of these exiles and just as in the stories the monster came for you. The last thing you remember is a blade coming right towards you. Opening your eyes you find yourself laying on a strange stone platform in the forest, all the wounds on your body and tears in your clothes gone. Lost and confused you must now explore the world around you to discover the secrets behind the forest and your newfound immortality.”

Lost God currently has no scheduled release date, however, the developers did, in fact, announced a Steam Greenlight campaign for the game could launch sometime in Spring 2017.

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