AREA 35 turn-based strategy game which harks back to a very popular Nintendo licensed game; TINY METAL, launched yesterday on PC, PS4, and on Nintendo Switch. Although a demo version has been out for quite sometime, seeing the game finally hit the PS4 and Switch is a nice addition to this visually fun chaotic battle game. Although, playing its PC component you’re in for a boost in its visual performance and framerates, hopefully, the other console iteration have been given a good stance on its performance run.

Now on its clear inspiration from Advance Wars—one of my beloved favorite Nintendo series—this game does homage its excellent battle style, the only obvious it’s in a 3D format. The Switch version will be playing in a native resolution of 720p both undocked and docked while targeting a 30FPS. As for its PC and PS4 counterpart you can push it to 4K running 60FPS.

Here’s a 20-minute gameplay presentation from Youtube Channel: ContraNetwork

TINY METAL is now available on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch for $24.99. On the subject of Advance Wars, its highly unfortunate the series hasn’t made a return, I believe seeing it on the Switch would be the perfect game on-the-go. Next year we will see the release of a game titled WarGroove an exact play of Advance Wars—that game is set to launch sometime early 2018.

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