If you’re anything like me, MMO’s are probably your weakness, especially if they start you out “Free-to-Play”. Over the course of my PS4 ownership, I’ve tried just about every MMO available, because for me, console is my preferred platform. I’ve played PC MMO’s and although I have a good time, for me it lacks the comfort of playing on the console and using a controller. And yes I’m fully aware you can accomplish this with complex PC gaming setups but we’re not here to talk about the master race. So here are my…

Top 3 PS4 MMO’s for 2017 (to-date)

3. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

I’m slightly conflicted placing Final Fantasy XIV in my 3 spot and not higher. I clocked a fair amount of hours over the course of about 2 months. I made it to level 50 with my healer class character (Scholar if you’re wondering) so I was just about to start Heavensward…or so I thought.

Queue the cons.

I loved Final Fantasy XIV even though it had it’s quirks. But in the end, the quirks won. FFXIV has an incredible amount of content and things to do. And if you max level your character, you don’t need to create a new one. You simply change your main weapon and start at level 1; allowing you to switch quickly between classes. The boss fights are also great, especially once you start to get higher level and some strategy is involved. If you’re a hardcore Final Fantasy fan, you’ll love this game no matter what I tell you. But the reason I’m not playing anymore (currently) and this game comes in at number 3 is because:

There’s too many filler/grindy/pointless quests. It’s awful. The first 2 hours of this game, you’ll spend it running around doing possibly the most boring errands you could imagine. You can’t skip it either, so if you’re seasoned, you have to do it anyway and you’ll probably die inside.

On that same note, the developers decided to put in roughly 5 hours of pointless grind content that doesn’t really apply to anything between the main game and the Heavensward expansion. This is where I just couldn’t take it anymore and had to pack it away. Another small con is that the map can be difficult to follow. If a quest location is underground, you will not see it on the map. I probably have another 2 hours being lost.

This game is fairly cheap now though, and if there wasn’t a subscription attached to it, I would be more inclined to come back. But for now, we’re over.

2. Neverwinter

This game surprised me in a lot of ways. I never imagined a free-to-play MMO could offer so much in form of content and fun. Neverwinter is a game by Dungeons & Dragons and if you’re familiar at all with their content, Neverwinter is much the same. The writing is witty, engaging and fun. There are tons of people playing too so the game feels very much alive. Being free-to-play, Neverwinter of-course has a marketplace where you can buy in-game content but I would not label it as pay-to-win. The only real cons here are the graphics are outdated according to todays standards and that the servers don’t handle high traffic well.

Anytime you’re in town you’re almost guaranteed to lag. It’s not excessive but enough to be annoying and very noticeable. The graphics too aren’t terrible, but looking at games like FFXIV and ESO, it’s dated. But for free-to-play you have nothing to lose and as I’m writing this I’m downloading it again. The only reason I stopped playing was…

1. The Elder Scrolls Online

Now bear with me here, because I know what you’re probably thinking. “I saw that game on Youtube or played it once and sent that garbage back to the store…” because that’s what I did. I bough ESO used from Gamestop, played it for a few days and was not impressed at all and went back to Neverwinter. But an interesting cascade of things followed that brought me back. Some friends of mine bought it and I of-course, starving for socialization, bought it again for the low-low price of $13 and I never looked back.

Since then I’ve clocked around 300 hours and have around 4 max level characters. Once I gave the game it’s fair shake and looked past some of my picky complaints, I absolutely loved this game. And there’s no required subscription; but it’s suggested. ESO has everything you could want from a console MMO, good with the controller, endless builds to try, tons of dungeons and gear to go after, there’s minimal grind… I could go on.

You can grab ESO for next to nothing online and don’t even need a subscription. I’d ask you give it at least 10 hours of play time if you feel you don’t like it. If I can come around, I think you will too. The development team is also pumping out great expansions such as the upcoming Morrowind which has many fans of the main series flocking back.

Well that’s it folks, I hope you enjoyed the article and can somewhat agree. We’ll let you know how the Morrowind expansion goes, we promise.

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