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As I often am, I was flipping through the weekly PSN deals a few days before the release of a major title to fill some time. When I saw Transistor for only $5, I had to jump on it. Little research was done before this purchase as it was basically a time filler. Little did I know a diamond had just been pulled from the rough.

This game boasts the perfect mix of turn based strategy and RPG elements. The story is linear and quite short but the replay value is huge. The skill tree is a bit like Diablo III where you always have the chance to mix and match skills for new combos and experiences.


The gameplay switches between turn based combat and live action. You have the ability to stop time and plan out a series of attacks until you run out of action points. Once your action points have been depleted you can not use any abilities with a cost until they recharge. This makes for intense gameplay even though the game is stopped every so often to setup your next wave of attacks.


The art is gorgeous. The creators of Bastion were able to bring their vibrant art style to this new IP and no detail was spared. This game is visually brilliant until the very end. Unlike other games where you may travel different landscapes and climates, you’ll be within the same location throughout the majority of the game. Normally this would make for a dull game, but Transistor is short enough the environment remains pleasant throughout your time in Cloudbank.


The story is gripping and devastating. As some things may or may not be clear to you, you’ll find yourself becoming helplessly attached to the characters and their circumstance.Without too many spoilers, the story gives you just enough to try to figure things out on your own as it progresses. I hope you can appreciate and enjoy the unraveling as much as I did.

If you can catch this game on sale again, it is a must buy for strategy and story buffs. The only reason I haven’t finished my second play-through and snatched the platinum trophy is that Overwatch has consumed my life. The game is practically perfect in every aspect. Don’t let this one pass you by.

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