Tricky towers is one of the few couch games that are available on the PlayStation 4. Essentially, the game is Tetris, only with a bright new theme, some cute, little wizards and difficult physics that really affect the gameplay. In brief, the aim of the majority of the games are to build the tower as high as possible, without it falling down.

However, there are other game modes that are all slightly different in some way. There are the trials. This is a single player mode of 50 trials, each which a contrasting objective. Some of these objectives may be to stack the blocks as fast as possible without the tower falling over, yet others may be just to stack the blocks whilst keeping the tower below a certain line. For every trial you complete, you get a medal, meaning there are 50 in total to collect.

Another game mode that is available to play on Tricky Towers is the local battle. This is where you can pick from different preset game modes, and play against someone in your house on split-screen, via another DualShock 4 controller. The local battle is probably the best and my favourite mode on Tricky Towers. This is a very common mode found in couch games and is where they get their name from.

One thing I must say about Tricky Towers is how hard the game can be at times. There have been many times where I’ve had to really sit and focus to try to find out the solution to one of the puzzles, something I didn’t expect I’d have to do when going into the game.

Another thing I’d quite like to point out is that the game would benefit so much from having more people play on it. The online multiplayer, when I’ve been able to find a game, was almost just as fun as the single player. This is quite annoying as there are barely any people playing Tricky Towers, meaning it is difficult to find a game on the PlayStation 4.

The local multiplayer is very fun and is where Tricky Towers really excels. You don’t really feel the amount of competition with online multiplayer that you do with the local multiplayer.

The graphics in Tricky Towers are nothing special, and they are certainly not anything amazing compared to some bigger titles. However, in a small couch game like this, they are more than adequate.

Overall, I think Tricky Towers is a very well finished game, with not too many flaws. Hopefully, with future updates and new exciting content, more people will be playing Tricky Towers, making the online experience as good as the local one.

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