Ever thought about some games that you have really enjoyed, but no one else appreciates it? Well, we have as today we go over 5 of the most underrated video games of all time.

Starting of in no particular order, our first game that we chose is James Bond Legends. James Bond Legends is the most recent title in the James Bond video game series as I am writing this. It comes after Bloodstone, which, in my opinion, was not very good. Legends is a first person shooter, mainly based around the campaign. Featuring Gold Finger, Moonraker and many more, the campaign is something that should get your video game taste buds tingling. You play as Daniel Craig as you complete missions from a variety of James Bond games. As with most Xbox 360 games, it featured a DLC that was only available for a short amount of time. The DLC added missions from the movie Skyfall.
Overall, this game should have sold a lot more copies than it did when it first came out, as it is exhilarating, immersive and overall great. If you can spot this game anywhere for quite cheap, I advise you to pick it up and give it a go!

The next game on our list is Assassin’s Creed: Rouge. AC: Rouge got released the same day as Assassin’s Creed: Unity. As Ubisoft hyped up Unity so much, no body really cared about Rouge, and they were just interested in Unity. However, this was a bad move by Ubisoft as both games are amazing titles and they should have got more of their fans to play it. If you have a chance to grab this amazing title, take it as you will be amazed on what you have missed out on.

Thirdly, we chose Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway. Arriving a few months before Activision’s Call of Duty: World at War, Hell’s Highway was not as big of a success as Ubisoft would’ve hoped for. However, most fans would agree with me when I say that the game was as good, if not better than World at War. With a campaign that would put most of today’s first person shooters to shame, Hell’s Highway was way ahead of its time.

Penultimately, we went for The Simpsons: Road Rage. The main aim of this game is picking up characters and aiming to get them to their destinations as quickly as possible. Basically, it’s a lot like Crazy Taxi. Road Rage was a classic for anyone that played this in their childhood, but it did not receive as much attention as EA wanted. Also, many of the reviews when it first came out were very negative, which, in my opinion, where not very accurate to what the gameplay is like.

The final game we chose is WWE All Stars. WWE All Stars is, in my opinion, probably the best WWE game there is. With its very funny cartoony take on a wrestling game, it removed nearly every stereotypical thing that the reviewers could say about it. You are able to play as many stars of the WWE Universe, from past and present and the finishers are very enjoyable to make your character do. All in all, this game did mot receive as much attention as its fans would have liked and you should definitely check this title out.

And that brings an end to our list of underrated games. Are there any game that you would have put on this list? Are there any lists like this one that you would like to see in the future? Let me know by getting in touch with @irrelevantgmer on Twitter.

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