Supermassive Games has worked on popular titles in the past including Little Big Planet for the PS Vita and Killzone HD, but these games pale in comparison when talking about Until Dawn in the same sentence.  Maybe that statement isn’t very fair, because the games aren’t even in the same genre, but you’ll see why I’m so excited about Until Dawn.


Until Dawn is an upcoming cinematic survival horror experience that blends adventure and horror genres together seamlessly. It’s like one of those old choose your own adventure books that you undoubtedly read as a kid, and enjoyed so much.


There are eight different point of view characters in Until Dawn, and when a character dies he or she is gone for good. The player is tasked with making choices for the characters, whether it be hiding under a bed, running for your life, or standing your ground and fighting for your life. This adds extra weight to your decisions because if a character dies, it’s most likely that you made typical bad horror movie decisions. Everyone knows what I’m talking about here, you see the girl in a horror movie run right past the front door, only to flee up the stairs to the second floor and become trapped.


Until Dawn has a tentative release window for summer 2015, and I absolutely can’t wait to play this game. Unfortunately the game is a PS4 exclusive, so if you’re like me and haven’t adopted Sony’s newest console, you’ll have to make the investment if you plan on enjoying this incredible looking game.

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