Indie game developer Encurio GmgH announced that the epic Viking role-playing adventure game Valnir Rok is heading to Steam Early Access. This upcoming online RPG title is set in a Nordic Island where players will live the life of a Viking clansman whos put into situations where he must face off savage beasts, fierce rival warrior clans, and an all-around thrill adventure throughout the entire island. Throughout your journey, you’ll learn skills for your own survival, discovering recipes and formulas to create various weapons and gear—including the ability to build your own thriving village, this will help in increasing your clan’s strength and notoriety.

Here an overview of more from the game and what to expect:

Valnir Rok is an online sandbox, roleplaying game inspired by Norse mythology. Players will awaken to find themselves on Valnir Island and must do whatever it takes to survive in a land of wild animals, mythical beasts, and violent men. As a hardened Viking warrior, butcher your enemies in bloody combat, build and improve village structures, and form a clan to expand your power and reputation. Battle against opposing clans, place bounties on hated enemies, and discover ruin artifacts to gain favor with the gods with great deeds and holy sacrifices. 

Here’s the game being presented by their colorful developers at this past Gamescom 2017 event (Gameplay begins at 2min mark)

Valnir Rok launches onto Steam Early Access on September 26th. For more info on the games and development head on over the game’s main page for all its upcoming updates.

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