Game: Verdun
Developer: BlackMill Games, M2H
Publisher: BlackMill Games, M2H
Platforms: PlayStation 4 (reviewed), Xbox One (coming soon), Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac
Initial Release Date: April 28, 2015


Verdun is the first World War 1 FPS game to be released. Behind it, the massive hit, Battlefield 1. Today, however, I’d like to take the eyes off Battlefield 1 and onto one of the, if not, the best indie FPS games, Verdun.


Verdun’s gameplay is a mixture of good and bad. It is very fun and gripping, but has many issues. As you move around the map, the game will stutter too often for my liking. Along with this, it will often skip or drop frames, which gets very annoying and frustrating. In some of the intense battles this game has, this can be the difference between you surviving and dying.

These bugs and glitches, however, could be fixed in an upcoming update mentioned in a Tweet by the devs:

verdun tweet

I reached out to the company behind Verdun and they gave me some good information concerning the performance update on the PS4. I asked them when the performance update will be out for the PS4 and they answered with:

“We’re testing the PS4 performance update as we speak, but hopefully we can push it out soon, but no idea on the actual date..”

I will update the review when this update goes live for the PlayStation 4.

Onto the good side of things, Verdun’s gameplay can actually get quite intense and sometimes scary. When you’re in the middle of a mortar bombardment or running through some crossfire brings me right to the edge of my seat.

I also love the way Verdun sounds. The crackling of gunfire in the background, as you anxiously edge your way towards enemy lines is so exhilarating. The sound of the mortar shots also add an extra bit of nerve to the bombing as well. Hearing explosions and utter mayhem around you really adds to the great experience verdun gives you.

However, I feel that Verdun could did with some improvements in the sound department. I feel that the voice actors that did the characters that the players play as could’ve done a better job. It seems to me that they have been quite half-hearted, and Verdun would’ve benefited from them screaming at the top of their lungs whilst in the studio. Verdun is trying to be as realistic as they can in a £15 game, but this aspect of the sound lets the realism go a tad.



Another thing I like about Verdun is the Gas Attacks. Now, this may sound bad, but the way you have to put on your gas mask and it causes utter chaos it just mental and awesome. I absolutely love it when this happens in Verdun.

The customization in Verdun is a tad confusing but I got to grips with it in the end. There is no option have a gun with 1,000 attachments, but I like that, and I think it adds to the realism of the time.

The proning and crouching in this game also feel a bit odd. Sometimes, you’ll be turning around whilst lying down and the game would either glitch out or it would say “Prone Blocked”. Now, some of the times that is says the prone is blocked I can understand, but, some of the times, it’s just stupid. I see no sense in the system sometime, and I hope it’s something that they can fix in the future update that I mentioned earlier.

I also feel that if more people were playing Verdun, it would be a lot better as there would be a wider choice of maps to pick from with people in them.


I played Verdun on the PS4, the equivalent to a mid-ranged PC, but when you compare the PS4 graphics to some of the PC graphics, it really doesn’t seem like it.

The PS4 port for Verdun seemed to have taken away some of the good qualities of the graphics in the PC version. The game doesn’t seem as sharp, nor does it seem as bright as the PC. To see for yourself, you can watch some gameplay I recorded on my PS4 and some gameplay recorded on a PC.

PC Gameplay

My PS4 Gameplay – Sorry, the one time I decide to record, I do terrible!

In terms of the graphics comparison, let me know what you think! @irrelevantgmer

When I am playing Verdun, I find that the gunshots often look quite unrealistic and tacky. In addition, the gunshots are not as smooth as some games, but it is smooth enough to enjoy the game.

Again, this may be fixed in the future update coming to the PlayStation 4.

Overall the graphics are well done, but it’s just a shame that the PS4 port had to be dumbed down a bit.


There is no story in Verdun. In fact, the only thing you can do when you’re offline is defend a trench against waves of enemies. As you’re offline, you can’t do this with anyone else, so this gets very difficult (well, it was for me anyway) and sometimes frustrating.

I feel that Verdun could do with an improved single-player offline mode, but I don’t see it happening anytime in the near future.


After playing Verdun for quite sometime, I am still yet to gain a trophy. Here is a full list of the trophies for Verdun on the PS4.

Verdun Veteran
Acquire all other trophies.

Gold Hoarder
Receive all gold medals 10x

Silver Hoarder
Receive all silver medals 10x

Receive the gold medal “Most shots & none missed” 10 times

Extreme Headhunter
Receive the gold medal “Most headshots & only headshots” 10 times

Headhunter III
Make 5,000 headshots

Blood Brother
Play together with the same friend 250 times

Do you even die?
Receive the gold medal “10+ kills/No deaths” 10 times

War is better with friends IV
Gain 250k co-op XP with a player

Gold Collector
Receive all gold medals



Manual Labour III
Make 500 melee kills

Play together with the same friend 100 times

Corpseman III
Reach 10,000 kills

Silver Collector
Receive all silver medals

War is better with friends II
Gain 50k co-op XP with a player

Elite Player
Reach level 100

War is better with friends III
Gain 100k co-op XP with a player

Headhunter II
Make 1,000 headshots

Manual Labour II
Make 100 melee kills

Corpseman II
Reach 5,000 kills

Hunting the Hun
Receive the gold medal “Best Kill/Death ratio over 10 kills” 10 times

Golden Headhunter
Receive the gold medal “Most headshots” 10 times

That’s another one down!
Receive the gold medal “Longest killstreak” 10 times

Play together with the same friend 50 times

Receive the gold medal “Best player” 10 times

Shoot, Cover, Reload, Repeat
Receive the gold medal “Most kills” 10 times

Reach level 75

Gold x100
Receive a total of 100 gold medals

Bronze x100
Receive a total of 100 bronze medals

Silver x100
Receive a total of 100 silver medals

Sidi Brahim
Unlock all specializations for the Chasseurs

We Stand on Guard
Unlock all specializations for the Canadians

Battle hardened
Reach level 50

In Treue Fest
Unlock all specializations for the Alpenjäger

Providentiea Memor
Unlock all specializations for the Stoßtrupp

Let them, come to us
Receive the gold medal “Best defence squad” 10 times

Offense is the best defence
Receive the gold medal “Best advancing squad” 10 times

There is no I in team
Receive the gold medal “Best squad of match” 10 times

War is better with friends I
Gain 10k co-op XP with a player

Honneur et Patrie
Unlock all specializations for the Poilus

Manual Labour I
Make 10 melee kills

For King and Country
Unlock all specializations for the Tommies

Headhunter I
Make 100 headshots

Gott Mitt Uns
Unlock all specializations for the Landser

Basic Training
Reach level 25

Corpseman I
Reach 500 kills

Blast fishing
Make a triple kill with explosives/grenades

Worth it
Kill an enemy player while you are dead

Setting an example
Kill 10 enemies as a squad NCO in 1 match

Not alone
Join a friend

Eagle Eye
Kill an enemy from over 100 meters

Anker Wirf!
Unlock all specializations for the Pioniers

Voor De Koning
Unlock all specializations for the Belgians

Semper Fidelis
Unlock all specializations for the U.S. Marines

This We’ll Defend!
Unlock all specializations for the U.S. Doughboys

Furchtlos Und Treu
Unlock all specializations for the Schutzen




Verdun is a very fun game, and something you should definitely try. It has some very exciting gameplay features that accompany some great sound and immersion. It has its faults, but overall one of the best Indie Games I have ever played. I would recommend the game to any fan of First Person Shooters or a fan of video games set in history, especially for the fact that it is only £15 on the PlayStation Store.

Be sure to keep an eye out on @VerdunGame for more news on Verdun.

Thanks to Game Drive for supplying the code and thanks to Luetingaming for supplying the PC gameplay.