If there’s anything we know about Telltale Games it is that they pride themselves on making their audience wait. It’s like every released episode is the midseason finale and you have to wait an inexplicably shitty amount of weeks before the story gets back on track.

I can’t knock the business model because it freaking works.

That’s why I’ve been waiting impatiently for months for at least a release date for the third episode in the new Walking Dead series. Lucky for me and my fellow comisserators that day has finally come! During their PAX East panel, the masters over at Telltale finally let the world know that the wait was almost over.

On March 28th we finally get to pull ourselves up off of that cliffhanger that they left us on at the holiday season. Yeah, happy holidays to you too bastards. For those of you who only play these games once the full seasons are released, I’ll keep the details on the previous two episodes to a minimum. Don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun time.

Just know that it’s wild.

It’s very clear that in this episode the definition of family reunion may be changed drastically. Hell, we might even get treated to an impromptu dystopian version of the Family Feud. Maybe someone could dig up Steve Harvey for it. Or Jerry Springer. At this point who knows which would be better for that particular situation.

Can’t wait to find out!

Now we just have to wait and see if they’re going to do another season of Game of Thrones…

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