It breaks my heart to know this year is coming to a close and one game I truly wanted this year was Chucklefish’s upcoming strategy game — WarGroove. The game that takes much inspiration from the Nintendo classic game Advance Wars, was given a minor tease today showing off 4 of its Dog Unit in which players will be able to drop in the battlefield.

Throughout the month of December, the studio has been teasing many of the game’s units such a; Soldier, Archers, and Spearman. But we’re now being introduced to its Dog unit which plays a major role in the game as they can deal massive amounts of damage, yet are fragile and can die quite easily. The developer does recommend you use the Dog Units for quick, and first strike attacks, they will also have passive ability when traveling in packs, also if two Dog units are on tiles next to each other, bog units will receive additional attack bonus. Check them out below:

Wargroove Developers Close Out 2017 by Teasing the Adorable Dog Unit

Here’s a recent video on the upcoming game:

Wargroove launches sometime in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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