Earlier today, Ubisoft finally unveiled their “seamless multiplayer”; and frankly, there wasn’t much to see.

Xbox One players won’t be receiving this update until tomorrow… but fortunately, I bought this game on my PS4. So far, I have been absolutely loving this game, even without its multiplayer. I find the story and characters to be intriguing yet corny (in the best way), and a refreshing change for the series.

The original Watch Dogs had a fairly dull protagonist, with an equally unimaginative story. Nonetheless, the concept still managed to hook me, and I couldn’t seem to put the game down.

I hate to say it, but a huge part of that attraction came from the multiplayer — which means that Watch Dogs 2 might not be able to fulfill my expectations.

Ubisoft Montreal has not done a very good job of making sure their game works, and it’s extremely disappointing. I mean, how do you discover that your multiplayer is unplayable a week before the game releases? I have no idea.

They were able to throw it in there a week later, but, here’s the craziest part:

It still doesn’t work.

“What??”, you may exclaim. Yeah, they really haven’t done much to help their case. It doesn’t crash (for me), at least, but other than that, it is still worryingly buggy. Writer Sam Machkovech at Arstechnica.com couldn’t have said it better.

“Ubisoft declares that ‘seamless’ online modes have returned, but they’re showing seams.”


It’s all thanks to auto-matchmaking, and Ubisoft just can’t get it right. The developer has been putting great effort into getting players automatically matched for online activities. So much so, that they are willing to slice their sales to less than a quarter of what they were back in 2014. We can only hope they recover.

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