From Compulsion, the Canadian developers located in Montreal that brought us the smash hit game Contrast, a platformer in which you play as a lady and her shadow, comes their next game called We Happy Few.


We Happy Few takes place in the 1960’s in a fictional town called Wellington Wells. In Wellington Wells all of the citizens are trying to forget the town’s history, and they are able to accomplish this task through chemistry. All of the citizens of Wellington Wells ingest a drug called Joy on a regular basis, which makes them feel happy and upbeat, no matter the circumstance, with wild manic grins plastered across their faces. Everyone except for you that is.


In We Happy Few, the player is the only one in the city that is off his meds, because there’s always that one guy who doesn’t drink the kool-aid, but usually it’s the cult leader. When other citizens become aware of the fact that you aren’t full of Joy, they will become hostile and come after you with ill intent. Basically they want to pummel you for bucking the system.


We Happy few incorporates stealth in the game, as well as just trying to blend in with the other citizens who are on the meds. But as life would have it, sometimes you have to stand out. Your character requires sustenance in order to survive, and without food you’ll be forced to break into the homes of other citizens.


If you ever end up on the radar of suspecting Joy users and the odds become too great, you can always enter a phone booth and take Joy. Trying something once won’t make a person become addicted right?
We Happy Few is slated for PC release sometime in 2016. No word as of yet whether the game will make the leap to consoles.

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