The announcement of the Xbox One Slim has spawned a plethora of conversations across all platforms of communication including YouTube, Twitter; even websites like this one! However, this news seems to slightly overshadow the development of the brand new ‘Project Scorpio’ , that is said to work “hand-and-hand” with the current version.

Then again, this may have been because of the fact that rumors and leaks spoiled some of the surprise. Also, many, like myself, are left questioning why a partial-generation console is even necessary; yet, the potential specifications of the device demand another look.

Now, it might be a bit difficult to decipher some areas of this chart, as some units are measured differently on either side – not to mention the fact that a handful of boxes aren’t filled out.


The only true disparity between the competitors is the GPU. The Xbox Scorpio will measure in at about 6 teraflops, while the rumored PS4 Neo may only have about 4 teraflops. While it may seem like only a couple measly teraflops, these teraflops make an incredible impact on consoles. Why am I saying the word ‘teraflop’ so much? Well it’s, without a doubt, the most fun word to say in the history of the English language; even typing it is extremely satisfying.



Anyway, this is a huge leap in teraflops, compared to the previous generation. Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 only had around one of them, and to multiply that number by 6 is astonishing. Not only this, but rumors also suggest that Xborpio (that’s what I’m calling it now) will be able to handle a 4K resolution at 60 fps.


Even high-end PC graphics cards like the AMD R9 390X which have the around the same number of terafloppers teraflops can only manage 30 fps with 4K.


Sure, we can take these rumors to heart and raise our expectations, or go along with 99% of PlayStation players and assume that it’s all hogwash. Regardless, PS Neo needs to –


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