We were lucky enough to receive a copy of Wild Guns Reloaded from our friends over at Natsume. I personally never played the original so we won’t be comparing in this article. We will however be looking at how the game holds up by todays standards. Let’s dive right into…

5 Reasons to Try Wild Guns Reloaded

1. The Challenge

Outside of my local arcade bars, let’s just say I haven’t had a huge exposure to classic arcade games. And I don’t mean I haven’t played any classic games, but not many “get as far as you can” kind. But color me surprised when I hop into the intro level of Wild Guns and I have no idea what I’m doing. By current standards, the aiming feels weird since it’s depended on your movement, not the right analog stick. Random enemies spawn that are not effected by your gun so for the first couple of tries, I thought they were invincible. But ofcourse, by accident, I find that pressing the “fire” button while they are close takes them out. And I felt a fair amount of accomplishment as weird as that sounds.

Learning the ropes is definitely it’s own beast. This is one of those games where there’s always something new to learn and there likely things you may never know how to do. But even on normal difficulty, the game was more than enough of a challenge for me.

2. Graphics

The Natsume team did a fantastic job restoring the classic looks from the original Wild Guns. I would put the graphics on the same par as Shovel Knight where obviously it’s got the old style but it has the beautiful, modern coloring. I’ve seen some pictures of the original online and it seems a few things have changed. I can’t say too much because I honestly don’t know enough to form an opinion but some of the mobs and bosses also got makeovers. More than just colors. You’ll notice the first boss loses some neck tubing and the bottom dash looks a little different.

3. Multiplayer

If you’ve got a significant other or are looking for a game you can play with friends without huge dedication, like Divinity: Original Sin or Dungeon Siege III. It’s great to have a game I can pickup and play when people come over. My girlfriend also isn’t much into RPG’s so this game is perfect. Multiplayer adds an extra element of replayability as well. It’s kind of hard to find a good couch multiplayer game to play any more. Nothing beats the games that were designed in the era of arcade quarter suckers.

4. Level Design

Probably my favorite aspect of this game, is the amazing diversity of the maps. Each location presents all new challenges and fun quirks. For example, on the bullet train level; there is a guy hoola-hooping on a side train that throws his hoops at you to tie you up while man-pigeons drop rockets on you. As weird as it sounds, it’s refreshing to see a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The diverse map lineup also keeps the game feeling new as you master their various secrets.

5. Wiener Dogs

‘Ruff said

Well that’s it. Overall I enjoyed playing the game. The beginning was slightly frustrating as I didn’t totally understand what to do at all times but it was rewarding feeling these things out for my own. Overall I’d give Wild Guns Reloaded 7.5/10. I will definitely be pulling it out to play with company and in-between releases.


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