Reddit really dropped a wholesome bomb on the gaming community this morning.

These six guys (other 2 not in picture) met up online 12 years ago on Xbox Live while playing Halo 2. Ever since then, they’ve been playing video games with each other — still, only online. This weekend, however, marks the very first time they met in person and commemorated the event with a HALO 2 LAN PARTY! Awesome, right?

The friends spent the whole weekend playing Rocket league, Halo 2, Disturbed friends, and cards against humanity. They even went out to eat and had some drinks, sounds like a real bro weekend!

This is honestly one of  the coolest things i’ve ever seen happen and we could all relate in some way to this. I know i have been friends with some cool people  over Xbox live for YEARS and never even had the thought of meeting them.  I say if you have a chance, you should definitely try to meetup and have a good time and enjoy those friends in real life.

I’d like to thank Curtis for giving me permission to share this story, you are AWESOME my friend! If you want to check it out on Reddit here ya go!

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