Xbox One X is out in a couple of months, and it’s superior to the PS4 Pro in terms of hardware in every way – but does that make it worth buying? Xbox One X is without a doubt the most powerful console out the right now but is it the right console for you? Let’s find out!

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X: The Hardware

The Xbox One X is more powerful than the PS4 Pro in every way. Teraflops (trillion floating point operations per second) are used to measure the graphical power of a console, and the One X offers 6 TFLOPS compared to the PS4 Pro’s 4.2 TFLOPS. The Xbox One X offers higher bandwidth as well which is 326GB/s vs. the PS4 Pro ‘s 218GB/s as well as having more ram (12Gb vs 8GB). One look and you can tell that the Xbox One X is designed for 4k gaming making it superior to the PS4 Pro.

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X: 4K Gaming

SO the difference between Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro comes down to which can handle 4K gaming better – but can either of these? 4K gaming has always been something PC gamers have boasted of having, rightly so. Xbox One X has managed to deliver quite a few games with 4K like Forza Motorsport 7 which will be playable at Native 4K at a smooth 60FPS but then we have games like Destiny 2 which will be playable at 4K but limited to 30FPS.

From what we can tell, that not “All” Xbox One X games will support native 4K at 60FPS but rather most first party games will run on 4K which is something that the PS4 Pro also offers. As far as support for older games is concerned they will receive free patches that will add support for 4K including Forza Horizon 3, Halo Wars 2, Killer Instinct, Gears of War 4, and Minecraft. Where things stand now, both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro offer 4K support for first party games whereas it’s entirely up to third party developers to offer 4K support for their titles on Xbox One X or not.

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X: Game Library

When it comes down to it the only tried and tested method to determine whether a gaming console is for you or not is to look at what games they have to offer. In terms of first party game library, Sony has been killing it with one amazing release after another. With some many great games already out the chances of Microsoft being able to catch up with Sony is slim at best. As of now, Microsoft doesn’t have any truly exclusive game release within the next year or two for that matter. With heavy hitters like The Last of Us: Remastered; Horizon Zero Dawn; Bloodborne; Uncharted 4; and Nioh along with upcoming first party games like Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man, PS4 Pro is definitely where all the good games are out right now.

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X: Which is Better?

When it comes down to it, it all depends on what you prefer the most. There aren’t really any new exclusives to the X but the games that will be releasing will run and look amazing. The pro has a better lineup for now as well as the better price and they both offer similar multimedia features with the exception of Sony not supporting Dolby Atmos. So in the end it’s which brand and ecosystem you prefer, i’d go with the X since I like Xbox more, plus a little more power doesn’t hurt.

So what will you choose if you decided to spend that money? Let us know!



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