Today, Epic Games revealed Paragon’s newest hero available hero; Yin. Along with the announcement, two new trailers featuring the new character have also been released.

Yin adds a mixed melee carry hero who uses both her whip and wind magic to fight her opponents. Her first ability is Backlash: this ability allows her to crack her whips, damaging any enemy surrounding her. Another one of Yin’s ability is Lash Kick, here she uses her whip to pull herself to any target and jumps right off their head to deal damage. Windburn, allows you to increase the range of her basic attack and gains her cleave. Yin’s Ultimate is named the Quelling Gale, with this ability, Yin creates a whirlwind around herself, displacing all enemies withing range of its attack. Do note, after 5 seconds from activating the ability, the whirlwind slows the enemies and enemy projectiles.

Check out both new reveal trailers down below:

Paragon is currently in Open Beta on PC and PS4 (Free if you’re a PS Plus Member). For the latest in Gaming News & Articles, check us out at our Official Twitter page.

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