The past few days have been rough in the world of YouTube – especially for those who are doing all the hard work. Things are so rough, that I couldn’t stand idly by and not make a post commenting on the situation.

This time (yes, this time), the higher ups over at YouTube (or Google) decided that it was time to start demonetizing videos. For what reason, you ask? It was because the content of some of these videos suddenly became “unmarketable”, resulting in the removal of all advertisements from them. Thankfully, they managed to restrain themselves from attacking entire channels, but the impact was still fairly severe.

It’s true that some creators go overboard with inappropriate/vulgar language, and sexual tags and/or videos (mainly the tags). Buried within YouTube’s updated “guidelines” is even a clause stating that videos that refer to natural disasters, diseases, war or political conflicts will be demonetized – even if no images are shown of these subjects. This is a new low, and it has all been done on purpose.

The bots that YouTube has used to catch these videos have also targetted YouTubers who produce videos about suicide and rape prevention. Yes, these topics can be off-putting to some advertisers – still, though, these videos often help thousands, if not millions of people in need. Check out this video made by the popular creator, boogie2988.


This isn’t the first time that YouTube (or again, Google, I don’t care who made these decisions) has suffocated their primary source of revenue. It seemed like only yesterday when YouTube tightened their already firm grip on Copyright Infringement, sentencing thousands of videos to permanent removal. Of course, as we’ve seen, things have subsided in that respect. Matter of fact, h3h3Productions just uploaded this video a few days ago praising YT for their improvements.


Now, here’s the ironic part. Just TWO DAYS after h3h3Productions uploaded their video entitled “Thank You YouTube”, they posted yet another video called “Why Doesn’t YouTube Explain Anything?!”, while brandishing this hilarious thumbnail.

All jokes aside, it’s clear that YouTube needs to get their act together – and fast. It’s only a matter of time before some other company gathers the courage to take the “video-hosting-site” throne away from them.


Okay, maybe not.
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